4k9solution.com has been offering free and discounted training to rescue organizations and families that need help with behavior problems since 2001.

Often, these training and consulting visits help to keep pets from being turned into the pound, 
euthanized or given up to no kill rescues for re-homing.
We have also rescued dogs from the streets and dogs that were dumped in the deserts. Most of these dogs are traumatized and have had to spend months with us socializing and training before they can be placed into forever homes.
Any donations go to help pay for their vaccinations, spay/neuter and microchip and to help pay for our gas and vehicle expenses for rescues and or courtesy visits.
Any and all donations are greatly appreciated.
Lucy 2002: Lucy is a Chocolate Labrador Retriever/Weimaraner mix that was dumped off on our doorstep because it says dog trainer in big letters on the back of my truck. Breeders often experiment with cross breeding to see for example if they can create the perfect bird dog. In Lucy’s case they ended up with an intelligent but very excitable and hyperactive dog. She was very antisocial with other dogs and we were  reluctant to try and place her in a home so she is now part of our family.
She is now highly trained and she did search and rescue with us until she hurt her right front leg and was forced to retire early.
Bentley is another dog that was dumped off on our doorstep. He is a little Chihuahua that was at first very shy with people. We worked with him for several months to help him become more social. We had him neutered and got him current on all of his shots and a microchip. He was eventually placed with a young couple that lives in north Phoenix. He has already had an airplane ride toTexas on vacation and often goes to all of the family events.
Raiden is a Tennessee Tree Walker Hound that was very vocal. After being adopted into a few different homes he was then placed back into foster care with a rescue organization. We then taught him how to say I love you instead of  howling. When a young lady came to his kennel, she looked in at him and told him that she could just love him and in his own voice he said I love you back. She took him home that day.
Satchel is a husky shar-pei mix that was dumped in the desert in Goodyear Arizona when he was just six months old with a broken leg. He was very shy and skittish of people and even his own surroundings. We made sure that he had food and water every day to gain his trust until eventually we could catch and bring him into our home. We had him neutered, vaccination and a microchip. We also had to do extensive physical therapy to repair his broken leg. 
It took many months to get him to trust us and to be comfortable around our other three dogs. He has gone through my obedience training and is getting ready to go to an actual group class for socializing. On a daily basis we take him to the local pet supply stores and to the park for socializing. He is still very shy around strangers but we will continue to properly socialize him.
Candy is a Border Collie Labrador mix that was also dumped out in the desert. She was somewhat feral and she was very pregnant. We tried to catch her on a daily basis for the entire month of November 2008. Finally with the help of the Robin Hood Animal Rescue we were able to find her and her seven new born puppies on Christmas Eve.
We made sure that the mamma dog and all of her puppies had proper veterinarian care. When the puppies were ready we made sure that they were all spayed and neutered and had all of their vaccinations and a microchip. They were then adopted out and into their new forever homes.
After several months of the socializing and training Candy is now very confident around other dogs and people. And she is also used in my training to help detect different levels of dog to dog aggression in our clients dogs.

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