4k9solutions.com LLC
Kenneth Lee Desch
Dog Trainer and Canine Behavior Consultant
Mission Statement:
My mission is to help people better understand their dogs and to prevent/solve behavior problems before the owners give up on their dogs and then just take them to the pound or abandon them.
Often, giving up on a dog is done as a last resort but proper training was never considered.
I will continue to study dog behavior to help me educate myself, my clients, and train people and their dogs to help shape any pet into a loving and trusting companions.



  • Over twenty years of dog and pet experience.
  • Retired AKC Labrador Retriever breeder.
  • Dog parent of two Labrador Retrievers. A Yellow and a Chocolate Labrador.
  • Volunteers/works with many no kill shelters to help train adopted dogs and dogs to be adopted.
  • Offers affordable in home dog/people training.
  • Experienced in: Puppy, Basic, Clicker, Tricks, Advanced, Agility, Therapy, Service, Gun Dogs, Snake Avoidance, Tracking, Conditioning and Situation Training.
  • Served as Area Dog Training Instructor and trained trainers for Petsmart from 2003 to 2006. In charge of Arizona, New Mexico and Texas.
  • Offers advanced therapy dog training in a hospital environment to help dog and handler to prepare for TDI and AKC/CGC testing. .
  • A retired member of Desert Search and Rescue Dog Tracking Club.
  • Recognized as a Dog Trainer by several Pet Therapy Organizations.
  • Recognized as an approved Canine Good Citizen Ship Evaluator by the American Kennel Club.
  • Successful in desensitizing and reprogramming aggressive dogs.
  • Successful in working with dogs that have been neglected, abused and have been mistreated in any and all situations.
  • Successful in training dogs that are hearing impaired. 
  • Uses positive reinforcement methods of training.
Raised in the White Mountains of northern Arizona in a farm type environment and I have been around many different types of animals.